Android Software Buttons Not working

android software buttons not working

Android Software Buttons or key buttons Not working. it is a major problem users face these days. sometimes in android phone key buttons like home, back and menu etc stop working. users think its because of phone problem but in most cases its not.

Simple reasons of this key buttons freeze problem is too many applications in cell phone. so first you should delete the useless apps from your phone. restart phone first to make buttons work for sometime too.

Install some good memory cleaner which can regularly clear phone memory to keep things active. at last if still your android key buttons are not working and if you think its phone problem then you should go for Handy Soft Keys Software. which can be easily found on google play-store.

open the software after installation and make the settings that suits you. after installation of this software your screen will look like this.

handy soft keys

so now you can see all the three android home buttons on the screen and enjoy. also we are sharing some users reviews who faced this problem and some of them solved with different method.

So share your solution with us and have fun.

  • abdullah awan

    worked like a charm. thanks a lot i just cleaned some waste applications and my home buttons started working again. love you.


    software is working smoothly but if i can found any permanent solution? i feel my keys hardware got problem but yeah your tips helped me thanks for listing temporary solutions too.

    • ExpertMonster

      Better go for hardware fix method (a shop near you)