Clash of Clans Banned Users Account Permanently


Clash of clan is a game having highest community members. In New Update Clash of clan Team Banned illegal accounts permanently. According to the team they said “we are continuously checking users accounts involved in illegal activities and strict action will be taken against 3rd party users”

In recent days people were using 3rd party apps alot to get more coins and elixers in clash of clan. Apps like Xmod lite, and other .apk files caused alot of damage to users. Not only to the people who were playing fairly but to them also. finally they got a hit by Clash of clan team in the form of permanent account ban.

Clash of clan banned accounts

Clash of clans always mentioned fair play policy to users. they never suggested to try 3rd party apps but in some cases we have seen some innocent users got banned too. users playing this game from 3 years and buying a lot of gems for updating got banned even.

on the official page of clash of clans we have seen many users shouting that their accounts were not involved in any kind of illegal activity. some of them suggested to change the detection algorithm. what we can say about it now but Super-cell team came with a big blow this time.

if you are old users and your account got banned without reason you can paste in our comments section to let us know. here is an image of official post by Super-cell team

clash of clan fair play policy

Not only few but thousands of clash of clan users are banned. Some of them were banned because of Using Blue-stacks too so if your account is banned you have only 2 options. contact them through their site in contact us page or create a new account and play fairly. spread the word see ya guys!!