How to use laptop or computer as a WIFI hotspot

laptop as a wifi hotspot

Do you know how to use laptop or computer as a WIFI hotspot ? Most of the people are worried about how to use laptop or computer as a WIFI hotspot. Now it’s very easy if you have laptop or PC having WIFI. Now if you have a laptop and you want to share the internet with other family members at home or with friends at school/college then you need to do a very simple thing.

Download My Public WIFI (Freeware) software by searching it on Google and you will get it easily. After that install it and open it as administrator by right clicking on it and Run it as Administrator. After the software start you will see some tabs like mentioned in the picture above.

Now how we can setup it? Just few clicks and you are done. Give any text in Network name (SSID) and type any password you like. Enable internet settings tick and below that you will see a drop-down list. Software chooses the default one for me but you can also change it according to your internet settings.

After Clicking on start hotspot all of the devices around you will able to connect through your pc WIFI and can use internet. You can add privacy settings by going to second tab and also can restrict users from sharing files by enabling your system firewall.

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