How to Increase Website Traffic within Few Months

how to increase website traffic

Do You know How to Increase Website Traffic within Few Months. Four years before when I was having blogger service I was rarely updating my blog. After long time I checked my blog and came to know that I have got 500 + subscribers. I was really shocked that time.

Then I thought to take this work more seriously. Then I decided to work more hard and take it as a challenge to generate good amount of users.

After moving to wordpress, I became more serious about blog work.

Some main things I done with my blogs about increasing blog traffic

Selected the best topics

In blogging times I was using same content again and again without any updates or adding some extra information. Sigh!

Now, I am taking these things seriously. It’s better to think more and more about audience. I started thinking about what my readers exactly want. So I put effort in updating my topics with the content that users need.

I checked many topics around that look similar to my topics. So I decided to give them a new touch by adding some extra looks and attractiveness. If you are blogger then think you are always in a competition.

You will see when ever you write any thing you will get a lot of info about it from search. So try to make some difference that can bring users and make them feel good to read your content.

Some Important wordpress plug-ins

Plug-ins are the most important things for wp-blog. But do not overload it so much that it gets difficult for users to navigate website.

There are too many but you need to choose the best one suite your website.

I know many good plug-in but two most common plug-in that increased my website traffic a lot are sitemap and related post plug-in.

Related post plug-in is about making users easy to get to the posts they like. If your user is reading a topic and like it. Then surely he will try to move to same topics like that. What if we give links at the bottom of every post about same topics? Surely users will like this. Related post capture tags and show the related posts at bottom of every post. It great software for making your users read more and stays on your web for long time.

Sitemap plug-in on the other hand is a great plug-in to make you web pages online in search engines. You can create a sitemap through this plug-in and use webmaster tool to upload it.

Your pages will be indexed in Google. Depends on your traffic and site rank that how much longer it takes to index your pages. Some times when I make a post within hour I can see it in Google search.

Graphical Interface

I have got so many emails from users about my blog. Many of them said they love my blog graphics and images. It feels great when you get words of appreciation from your after doing hard work on graphics and visual designing.

I include pictures that I find relevant to the content. I am crazy about searching a lots of new things too. So I always try to make it good for my audience.

However most of the graphics like the one in this post were created by me. Learning PhotoShop has been a great asset to my business.

Professional looks gives a good impact to audience mind. If your blog have appealing images, good graphics and quality content. Users can stay assured then they can get better help from you.

Check Before You Shout

Blogging is not always about posting, posting and posting. If you don’t have any thing interesting in your mind then don’t dare to tease your keyboard.

Normally users get bored with repeated words and content.

Make users happy with some thing new so they can feel the change. Don’t make their minds spin. Clear your words with facts and experience of your own. Give some weight to your words not to your webpage.

You need to blog often, because search engines visit websites frequently. This can increase your web traffic. Blogging good will makes your audience visit back.

Check for the Updates with competitors blogs

The few things I want to mention here is never ever try to copy others content. It’s totally wrong.

But you can visit to your competitor’s blog for the latest ideas. Some topics about you know and never posted hmm?  Get idea from there.

If some one wrote about I phones with some extra features. Now when you write again with just re wording it then it will be simple copy. Create your own words and feel good to share the change.

Your post could be “Nokia & i-phones Updates” so it’s also telling your audience about updates. But in a different way.

Well I can say you can check out your competitor’s blog for the updates to get ideas for fresh content.

Give Some Good Title to the post.

Giving a good name to the post can make a huge audience to check about that topic. I created some topics about earning online in blog that are getting high traffic some times even my new topics don’t get that much traffic.

Take your time to create a good title. People use RSS to keep track of their favorite blogs.

It’s good to give your audience a better feeling on first visit. If you are waiting for a dialogue here then don’t wait. You are good in search that’s why you reached here. Is there any need to explain that too?

Give some thing good to Newbie’s

I have seen many webmaster distributing or selling things that are already present on net. So why do they need you? Or what special things they are getting from you?

Being a good blogger not only means to just post. It means to help users and newbie’s. Share the things you know best with them. Don’t keep any thing secret that audience should know to make their blog work great.

I am updating all the things I know and trying my best to share these things with you through posts. Hopefully I will create a full file so you friends can easily download.

So what is the Result here?

Following with the above points not only helped me with traffic increase in few months. But I have got 200 + subscribers too.

Feel free to share what you have got.